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2019 Season Recap: Rattler Race Series Fandango

I selected this race as my second qualifying event for Nationals, but the race became so much more than that. The Fandango was my second race of the season, but it was my first cross country distance event and the first event of the season that I would have a full support crew along with me. I had more to plan for this race; I had to plan my crew’s schedule, plan their meals, make sure their needs were looked after, plan plenty of down time for them to relax and enjoy themselves, schedule in fun activities, and let them know what I needed and when. There was also more for me to pack in the rental van. I had to pack gear for my crew as well: food, drinks, their luggage, chairs, umbrellas, etc. I had originally reserved a minivan. On the morning I drove to the car rental business there were no more minivans available. Instead the only van option available was a full-size Ford E350 passenger van. My crew thought this was far too much van for our purposes, but I knew it was

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